Quit Smoking with Dr. Clifford R. Dunning, PH. D., LMFT, LPC

80% success rate to date

Private personal training by Dr. Clifford R. Dunning in smoking cessation has been performed using clinical hypnotherapy (CH), since 1978.

Butting out for good is challenging, and it requires all the help you can get.
If you or a loved one have tried the patch and the gum and the drugs to quit smoking but it can't quite stop the urge, or even if it's your first time trying to stop smoking you can join the ranks of people who are enjoying the increased self-esteem and energy of being smoke-free and the guilt-free life of no longer hiding your habits with the help of Dr. Dunning's treatment.
Decades of successful Clinical Hypnotherapy makes is an obvious choice in stark contrast to the hit-and-miss results of theatrical hypnotists.
Smoking cessation sessions and therapy for other behavioral difficulties such as weight loss, anxiety reduction, and anger management, are offered in our clinics, your home or other designated areas by appointment only. Please call for more information at the numbers below.
Also, scroll down to get directions to our clinic in Kensington, Maryland, and also our clinic in Falls Church, Virginia, below that.

Telephone Numbers:
Kensington: (301) 949 - 2506
Falls Church: (703) 237 - 8801

Office Locations:
3930 Knowles Ave, Kensington, MD 20895
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