Clifford R. Dunning, PH. D., LMFT, LPC
on Oxygen Use

Many people ask me how to keep their mental acuity, and do what they can to resist muscular deterioration.

One of the greatest markers for overall level of health and its deterioration is the decrease or maintaining of lung capacity.

One can't last long without an ample supply of oxygen in the body, and for years now I've been making use of an exercise regimen that includes doing what I can to keep my oxygen levels high. To maximize this, I've been exercising while making use of my oxygen concentrator by O2E2.

It's an effective way of achieving increased oxygen levels for a very reasonable price, and the number of minutes, days, or months until a noticeable change and improvement is astounding.

While these devices should not be used privately if you're suffering from emphysema, COPD, or other lung disease, if you want to leverage the effectiveness of your exercise and its impact on oxygen levels, you might want to visit nvpcc.myoxygenmachine.com to get an oxygen concentrator for home use, or you may want to find out more about the various studies and techniques related to the impact of increased oxygen at nvpcc.oxygenandhealth.info, the site of the Oxygen and Health Association.

Feel free to contact me if you want to field any questions.

Telephone Numbers:
Kensington: (301) 949 - 2506
Falls Church: (703) 237 - 8801

Otherwise, be sure to mention NVPCC when you speak to Mike White, the director of the Oxygen and Health Association at Mike's contact info which you'll see by clicking on the links below.